Will You Find Jackpot in Magic Journey Slot?

Are you looking for a Magic Journey slot review? Well, join the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, on his journey to the West. Only by relying on his magical abilities will you be able to trigger Magic Journey’s free respins feature. Along the way, you’ll see that it’s an unusual slot, but one that’s also quite enjoyable.

Magic Journey is a quirky slot that takes a new and quite innovative approach to slot games in the gaming market with Asian themed slots. And for that reason alone, it’s worth a look. 

Pragmatic Play has gone to great lengths to create something unique and different, basing their latest slot on a centuries-old Chinese folktale. You’ll find in our Magic Journey Slot Review that, despite its weird and perplexing appearance, this online slot game is actually quite simple.

Magic Journey Slot Features

Don’t look for wilds, scatters, free spins, or any other Magic Journey additional features. They don’t exist at all.

Magic Journey is not your typical online slot game, since it is based on the Chinese classic story credited to Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. 

It does not have traditional reels. Instead, it features a 9-symbol grid, a 15-reel beneath it, and 8 pay lines with a maximum payoff of 400x your stake for all eight lines.

The main purpose of this game is to spin the slot machine and match symbols for a win. Up to 5 characters appear on the 15 grid each time you press the spin button, lighting up the symbols on the top scoreboard. The larger the benefits, the more pay lines you form.

The Respins in Magic Journey

At Magic Journey, there are two ways to get a free respin. It can be triggered by any winning line or by the Monkey symbol, Sun Wukong. 

The only difference is that if the Monkey symbol appears in the middle of the bottom reel, regardless of whether you have formed a winning line or not, you will be awarded a free spin.

The respin function will continue to recur as long as you maintain landing on Sun Wukong or generating winning lines.

The Jackpot in The Game

It’s difficult to say whether a Magic Journey jackpot would have added more excitement, but in terms of gameplay, it’s already fairly fantastic. You can also win up to 400 times your bet per spin. It’s not the biggest jackpot, but it’s entertaining to play for.

Check out these progressive jackpot slots if you wish to play online games with continually increasing jackpots.

RTP and Volatility in Magic Journey

The RTP of Magic Journey is higher than the industry average, at 96.54 percent. Magic Journey volatility is at an all-time high, indicating a positive return to the player figure.

However, while your wins may not be as frequent, they will be higher than in a medium or low variance online slot game.

Bonus Game in The Game

See whether you can claim a bunch of Magic Journey bonus spins to get started with this intriguing online slot game. Many of the top UK online casinos, such as Mr Green, Casumo, and Leo Vegas, offer new players extra spins simply for registering.

This amusing online slot game will be a great addition to your mobile device. Magic Journey, being a Pragmatic Play slot, looks, feels, and plays just as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop.

To conclude the Magic Journey slot review, there may not appear to be much to Magic Journey, and there isn’t. It does, however, have an x-factor that makes it compelling. If you can achieve some early wins, the game can truly hook you. Magic Journey is best summarized by the phrase “short but sweet.” 

The first few demo spins were a little perplexing, but it soon became evident what the game’s purpose was. 

Despite a first perusal of the paytable and some sneering at the possibility, it immediately became evident that Magic Journey is a delightful bandarqq game to play.

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