Monopoly Big Event Slot Review + Free Spins and Bonuses!

This Monopoly Big Event slot review is a great way to learn about everything about this high RTP slot game. Keep reading for valuable information from us.

There are many huge companies that are jumping in on the online slot industry. Huge companies such as Hasbro has been working together with Barcrest in launching Monopoly Big Event. Monopoly Big Event is an online slot game that uses the theme of Monopoly board game

Monopoly Big Event Slot Review

Monopoly Big Event Slot Review

The slot itself is very fun and interactive. You will see some of the common attributes coming from the real board game.

The Monopoly Big Event is designed to be family friendly. Any player who is still new to online slot games can easily understand this game. There are many things that makes this game so exciting to try.

Monopoly Big Event Slot Gameplay

First of all, you are going to enjoy a classic 5 by 3 online slot. Hence there are total of 15 reels displayed. The variety of symbols that you can get is also very wide. Players are able to enjoy lots of choices without being easily bored. 

Monopoly Big Event can be played with or without money. You will be given the option to demo play. But of course playing with real money is the reason why we are all here. 

Players will have to interact such as placing an initial bet. After the initial bet has been set, you can easily start making more money by progressing through.

The unique thing about Monopoly Big Event is that you will get a specific character. The character will move upwards throughout the board. Players can expect big rewards after getting a good combination.

Unique Game Features in Monopoly Big Event 

First of all, you have to understand how the Monopoly board looks. There are many attributes incorporated. It has a similar concept from the Monopoly board game. The difference is that you need to spin the slot in order to move your character.

The gameplay is classic because you can get access to jail, community chest, and etc. Each reel will symbolize a certain position in the Monopoly board. After that, players are going to be able to win if they can get good symbols. We will discuss this more. 

Symbols in Monopoly Big Event

Monopoly Big Event is based heavily off of symbols. The symbols such as chances will give you 3 choices. All players will have to select one option amongst all the 3 options provided to you. For example you can choose to get a free spin, mini jackpot or even multiplier bonus.

Each symbols are different to another. The symbols are straightforward such as bonus, 777, and the uncle Monopoly symbol. All players can understand this slot game easily after a couple of spin. 

One other important thing to note is how easy players can set their bet. Symbols can even be customized and chosen by the players later on.

Payouts in Monopoly Big Event

Players can bet a minimum of 10 cents each game or equivalent to $0.10. All you need to do is click on the spin button for the payout. Payout will be random and it is based off of the RNG or random number generator. Each players can expect around 98.5% of RTP. 

This is regarded as high amongst all other types of slot games. Slot games have a common RTP of around 96% up to 97%. If you can get a 98% then this is already very high. 

Each bet can be placed before the game starts. The amount of money that you can win from each spin is around 10 times to 1000 times. The highest possible combination in this game is known as the Mega Jackpot. Anyone who get this jackpot is guaranteed to make a lot of money. 

Payouts in Monopoly is instant. Anyone can pull out and withdraw money almost instantly. There is no waiting time from the time you hit the jackpot to the time you click withdraw. 

There is however a minimum of $10 withdrawal. So make a bit of money before you withdraw the money and remember this.

The overall transaction process is smooth in Monopoly Big Event. You can withdraw and deposit credits instantly through debit and credit cards. The minimum deposit is set around $10 and the withdraw at $10.

Demo Spin in Monopoly Big Event 

Monopoly Big Event is a game with many surprises. One of the things that you can do is to use the demo spin. Demo spin is a feature where players can spin a slot without having to bet real money. Instead they can use the fake in game credits. You do not risk losing money at all and have a chance to practice. 

This is a great way for new players to test out slot games like Monopoly Big Event . Through the demo spin feature, you can understand all of the patterns and symbols. Try the Monopoly Big Event demo spin for a couple of times.

Switching to the real game is always possible and easy when you are ready. There is no limit in playing demo slots. Feel free to try this feature until you get tired and want to play using real money.

Progressive Jackpot in Monopoly Big Event 

Monopoly Big Event is a game with low volatility. Hence the chances of you losing money is much lesser. Players who gamble and have made money is given the choice to re-bet again and then store their money. 

The money will be kept safe inside the progressive jackpot. You can win more money every single time you get a multiplier bonus. Progressive jackpot is designed as a long term slot. Players can get more money as they progress and win more the longer they play.

Play on The Go Feature from Monopoly Big Event 

Monopoly Big Event slot game makes is possible for players to bet anywhere in the world. All you need is an account and then download the app. You can play through the website or download the app through Hasbro. 

This feature allows anyone who want to play this game to play it through their gadget. This is a very accessible way without having to play in your laptop.

Tips and Strategies to Play Monopoly Big Event

Tips and strategies are amazing to increase the amount of money that you are going to get. Playing slots alone will rely heavily on luck. Try these tips to help you win more in Monopoly Big Event online slots.

Look for Free Spins

Good online gambling sites will often offer you free spins. Free spins are you are given the opportunity to play without having to pay anything. This is given by the website as a gift if you have just registered. 

If you are lucky, you can find a good site that can give you a lot of free spins. Make sure that the free spins can also be withdrawn if you want to withdraw money. 

Online gambling sites usually set a minimum deposit before the money you earn can be withdrawn. Free spins in any amount will definitely help you in playing.

If you don’t want to win, then you can use free spins to practice. Practicing in playing online slot gambling is also very important. With practice, you can find out which slots are fun to play. Examples are between slots with 3 wheels, or with 5 wheels.

Games such as Monopoly Big Event will have a free demo play. This is the perfect way to practice and understand the slot patterns.

Playing With Strategic Betting Nominals

Betting on online slot gambling cannot be done without consideration at all. The players can still bet while using the strategy. Indeed, winning or losing depends on the random number generator and the online gambling site server. 

However, you can still use a strategy where you place a bet of 2% of your total balance. If you have a balance of $100, then the bet you place is $2. 

This is a reliable strategy because you can reduce the risk of losing in the game and increase the opportunity to maximize profits. 

Sometimes, playing safe and smart is the most effective way to make profits of up to tens of thousands of dollars. Anyone can play aggressively, but playing strategically is the key to winning at online slot gambling.

Playing Online Slot Gambling Patiently

A player can be reliable and be the best when not in a hurry. Slot gambling players will also be even more powerful if they can play without being influenced by emotions. 

The name of playing on online gambling sites there will definitely be defeats and wins. But even if you lose, there will be cashback that will still help you in playing online gambling. 

So you don’t need to immediately hesitate and place big bets so you can win the money back. Victory will come naturally. As a player, you just need to be patient and place a bet of the same amount every time you bet. This method will be effective in making you rich in playing slot gambling.

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