Vegas Nights Slot Review + Best Slot with HIGH RTP

Vegas Nights Slot review is important information for those of you who want to try this game. There are several factors that make it a choice to play.

Everyone wants to enjoy a bit of Las Vegas without having to go to a real life casino. Visiting a casino may be a hassle. Because you have to spend a lot of money and this costs money. Instead, you can use that money and then play it into a Vegas Nights slots. 

Vegas Nights is a popular game because it is a genre that is based off of Las Vegas. This area is a place known for its popularity in providing online slots.

Vegas Nights Slot Review

Vegas Nights Slot Review

Our review today is created with the purpose to give you an insight about the game. Maybe you can learn a few things or two.

What is Vegas Nights?

Vegas Nights is a high RTP online slot created by the Pragmatic Play. Right now, Vegas Nights is actively played by millions of people worldwide. 

The game is already too popular because people miss the old casino games. When playing in Vegas Nights, you can enjoy the exact similar quality.

How much is the RTP from Vegas Nights

Percentage is an important information to know. Specifically in this slot game you are going to be provided a high percentage. This is because the only review we give you are the ones that are already high quality with high percentage. 

Right now the return to play rate is around 99%. We can honestly say that this return to play a rate is quite high and you can win your money back. 

The more the RTP the better the game actually is. But not all games is always fun to play because of the animations. Vegas Nights offers much more than just high RTP.

Jackpot System in Vegas Nights Slot

The Las Vegas classic slot game offers you unique ways to get a jackpot. Right now there are only two ways to get a jackpot. The first way is to get all of the best combinations and this will be deemed as the biggest jackpot. 

The biggest jackpot can give you a payout up to 1000 times the original amount. Players who got lucky will eventually be very rich. Imagine that you bet $1 and get around $1,000 back. On the other side there are also other ways to get a jackpot. 

This way is known as the mini jackpot in Las Vegas classic slot. Mini jackpot is only given to you and you’re able to achieve the second best highest combination. The payout is usually around 100 times your original bet. 

Each players who have successfully gotten their jackpot money will be added to the total credit. There are no strings attached when you play in this online slot game. Players can even immediately pull out their money and do a withdrawal. 

What is a great way to make money in this specific casino game. This is because the mini jackpot itself is still possible and there are other types of bonuses that we’re going to talk about.

Multiplier Spins and Bonuses

Las Vegas classic slots also provides multiplier bonus. Multiplier bonus is basically a way for you to double your money. Say for example you started off playing online slots with around $5.

Through one multiplier bonuses itself we can get up to 10 times the original amount. Multiplier bonus is quite below jackpots but it is still a bit hard to get. 

You may need a couple of tries before you can get your first multiplier bonus. Each multiplier bonus is affected by the number of combinations and symbols that you can hit. 

Usually the better the symbols and the combinations will produce high multipliers. The normal amount is two times up to seven times. But sometimes player even get up to 50 times multiplier. Understand the symbols and you can start hitting your own multiplier bonuses.

Free Spins in Vegas Nights Slots

Vegas nights offers player more than just money and credit. You have a chance of winning free spins every time you land on certain symbols. This is known as the free spin combination. 

Free spin is given up at a quite frequent rate. You can get around 5:00 or 10 free spins at a time. All of the free spins will automatically spend your reels again so you don’t have to spend it anymore.

Animations and Symbols

Vegas Nights is an easy game to play due to its simplicity. Players do not have to spend many hours just learning one symbols or two. The symbols are quite classic because it follows the original Las Vegas online slots. 

If you go to an offline casino then you can even find a similar types of combinations and symbols. The only difference is that now Vegas nights is modified into a five real slots. Five real slots are much more intricate to play because now you have much more combinations. 

But you don’t have to worry because more combinations mean that there are much more ways for you to make money. For example there are five ways to hit a three times combo. The animation and itself is classic and there are not many graphical images. 

You can see the landscape of the beautiful Las Vegas at night at the background. And you are going to get a basic user interference which is enough to provide a good gameplay.

Quality of Game

The game is rated around 4.9 out of 5. A classic slot game such as Vegas Nights can be played by almost anyone. The quality of the game in itself is already good because the provider is pragmatic play. 

Maybe you might have heard of pragmatic as one of the best software developers in the world. 

They continue to excel in making games such as the Vegas classic slot games or other types of games. We judge quality by the graphical animations that it provides. 

The game is fully loaded without any complication or even glitches. You can expect a smooth gameplay that will always show you the payout. Just remember that you need a strong internet to be able to play these games. 

But even if you don’t do not worry because the payout system will automatically put money into your balance. So in case that you log out and then you can still get your money.

Is High RTP Slots Worth it?

Slot games are not always based off of the RTP. Return to player percentage is only a way to calculate some of the profit that you can make back. However there are other ways that you can make money such as from bonuses. 

Playing in a high RTP slot can be profitable but you also need to try other types of games. The return to player percentage that is considered high is set around over 96%. Do not play anything below 96% because you’re just going to lose your money much faster. 

If you can get over 99% then you are lucky enough because you can make lots of money just by playing this game alone. 99% is already considered high especially if you can grab all of the bonuses.

Bonuses Provided in Vegas Nights

Talk to you about some of the potential bonuses that you can get. But now there are other types of bonuses that is provided by the game itself. First of all you have the daily objective bonus. 

This bonus is given to all players who are eager to play hours and hours of gameplay. It is not just that but you must also be able to complete all of the daily missions. Each day you’re given a specific daily mission that is always changing. 

Players will be given around 24 hours in order to complete this mission and you can get up to five or 10 free spins. The faster you can do it then the better it is. 

Because after the 24 hours you’re going to be given new sets of missions and you can get bonuses. This is one of the best ways to get free money and to boost your gameplay.

Stop but there are also other types of bonuses known as cash back. A cash back system is easy to understand. Every time you place a single bed then you’re going to be given around 10% cash back in return.

Say for example you bet a total of $1 into the Las Vegas slot game. After that you can potentially get 15% or 10% back which is around 10 cents. The money can then be used for whatever reason that you like. 

For example you can withdraw the money or you can even reuse it to win. The best thing about cash back is that you don’t have to win or lose in order to get it. 

You just get it simply by batting alone. The more you better than the more cash back then you can get. Usually cash backs do not have a limit for each account or players.  

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