Texas Holdem Poker Hands

The first round of bets or pre-flop, in one of the most popular versions of poker Texas Holdem Poker hands. Traditionally, it begins with the distribution of pocket cards to the players. In the first glance at the hole cards, the player faces a difficult dilemma – to fold or still play. 

If you do not know how to instantly make informed, correct decisions, a successful online poker game will remain an unattainable dream for you.

Texas Holdem Poker Hands : Avoid Mistakes

It would be unnatural if there were not a lot of materials and tables in the public domain that recommended how and which hands to play and which to fold. But for those who are counting on a win-win recipe, there is unpleasant news. 

Everything that is offered to you is just a scheme in Texas holdem poker hands, and initially there are no losing or winning hands. Otherwise, the game would lose its charm and it would not be so interesting to play poker online.

As such, the classification of cards according to their potential exists, and familiarity with such a principle may help in the future to avoid many annoying mistakes. But only on condition of your understanding that the strength of the hands is a variable value, which directly depends on the position.

For example the number of bets made, the size of the stack, the manner of play of opponents and other factors. The more attention you pay to such details, the more likely you are to be in the lead.

Texas Holdem Poker Hands : Progressive Systems

In Texas holdem poker hands, there are several such systems, but the most accessible is considered to be the version of the legendary Lou Krieger, in which pocket cards are divided into four groups. The descending order are:

1. Couples

Texas holdem poker hands, the minimum allowable pair in early position is two 7. In later one you can enter with any pair, but only in the case when you can see the flop very cheaply with a large pot or the actions of your opponents do not indicate that their hands are much worse.

2. Suited Connectors

In early position, it is better to play suited large connectors, which increase the likelihood of hitting at least a solid pair on the flop, and ideally a flush, set, straight. But if you have a one-sided pin on your hands, for example As and King  of the same suit, the chances of making a straight pin are low. Here, bilateral bonds look more advantageous. 

In addition, in the early position of the pin below Jack and 10 it is preferable to fold, but in the middle and late, when the idea of ​​the strength of the opponents’ hands is formed, any suited pin will do, including the smallest ones.

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3. Unsuited Connectors

In the early position of Texas holdem poker hands, it is better to leave the connectors above Queen and Jack, and fold the rest. In the middle, when the opponents have not shown strength in the initial positions, you can try to play with the Queen-Jack and Jack-10 connectors. The situation is somewhat simpler in the late position. Now all variations from 8-7 are quoted, the rest is safely discarded.

4. Suited Holes with Holes

It is logical that the fewer gaps between the cards, the higher the probability of making a straight. For example, a Queen and 8 straight would only need three cards such as 9, 10, and Jack. In early position, with holes of suited cards, good hands are small gaps like King-Jack. 

In the middle position, when there were no raises from the front seat, and the chances of the same raise from the person sitting behind you are negligible, a hand with large holes, such as King-10, is allowed.

5. Leaky Off-suit Hands

In most cases, this is just garbage, which is better to get rid of. In rare cases, these hands can justify themselves in late positions. But subject to small gaps and playing poker online at a passive table, with enough money and chips.

In general, familiarity with such a system on Texas holdem poker hands should bring a positive result, and you can safely count on success in playing at the daftar pkv games poker room. But, you don’t need to forget that the most important thing is this position. 

In early positions, the lack of information is compensated for by strong cards, in later positions, the requirements for cards are no longer so strict, and decisions are made based on all the data received. / Dy

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