Mega Joker Slot Review + Beginner’s Guide to Playing Slots

Now, you will get valuable information in Mega Joker Slot review. You will find all about popular slot games in this article. So keep reading.

Mega Joker is another hidden gem that is waiting to be discovered. Maybe you are looking for the newest slot to reap millions out of. Mega Joker slot is a simple online slot with quite the high RTP.

Mega Joker Slot Review

Mega Joker Slot Review

As for now, Mega Joker is still active and can be accessed by websites such as NetEnt. This provider is known to make trusted slot games that are popular all around the world. 

There are many amazing features waiting to be discovered by new players. You need to read this article in order to know all about Mega Joker.

Mega Joker Slot by NetEnt

Mega Joker slot is a fun and interactive slot game that offers more than 900 combinations. You can see amazing features that has been well built into the software. 

Mega Joker is a 5 reel slot with dozens of combinations. You can play this game with a total of 9 reels and there is a max coins of 10 coin per line. Not only that, the jackpot is also progressive. We will learn more about this later on.

Animation and Graphics of the Mega Joker

This specific slot game offers a very fun and unique experience. You can get lots of graphic animations and it will make your game pretty much more interesting. Usually online slots is bland and does not offer much animation. 

This game specifically has many animations that is already embedded inside the video slot game. You can get lots of money, dollar signs, gold, and etc.  

We recommend a slot game for anyone who wants to try online slots that are unique. The specific slot game is also if I real slot. Which means you can hit much more bonuses and combinations. There are over 900 different combinations and all of which with specific animations.

Progressive Jackpot Features

You may have a heard a thing or two about jackpots. But how about something known as the progressive jackpot. Mega Joker is filled with progressive jackpots in which you can make a lot of money out of. Progressive jackpot as some similarities with the usual jackpot. 

The usual jackpot is only a one time win and you can directly cash out all of the prize money. This is a bit different in the case of progressive jackpot where you are allowed to still put the money into the software. After that, players will be given the choice to place more bets. 

You can keep spinning and hang on to the money that is inside the software. Every time you spin is a new possibility that there is a new multiplier. 

Multipliers will be applied to all of the current coins inside of the machine. You can literally get much more profit from playing this game repetitively. 

Progressive jackpot is only profitable if you play this game on the long term. Which means there is a minimum amount of times you need to spin in order to get the maximum profit. 

Maybe you might even want to spend around 1-2 hours before even making lots of money. The multiplier that you can find in this game ranges from around 10 times up to 50 times.

Payouts of Mega Joker

Mega Joker is a game that is repetitively gains high rating all over the world. The payout of Mega Joker has a maximum of 200 times the original bet. They use coins as the main balance. 

Players can bet for example 1 coin or $1 and get $2000 in the Mega Jackpot. The game is very exciting because this is one of the high quality games that is coming from NetEnt.

Symbols to Expect in Mega Joker

Each online slot game will have to provide symbols to make the game exciting. Symbols represents different values inside the game itself. You can understand all of the symbols easily. Some of the highest ranking symbols are such as the joker face and the number 7. 

You may also find some more common types of symbols like grape, oranges, and lemon. These symbols may seem basic but they are quite fun to watch.

Payment of Mega Joker

To play this game you need to make an account in your online casino of choice. This game is provided by net entertainment. Once you have done that then you can deposit it some amount of coin. The minimum spend in the game is around one coin and you can bet up to 100 coins. 

The value of the coin itself may differ from one game to another. So you need to make sure and understand how much each coin is worth before playing. 

Players usually are given a deposit method through Visa and Mastercard. Whereas the withdrawing method will be through local bank transfers.

Benefits of Mega Joker

Mega Joker represents a huge jackpot that can be played easily. There has been many players that profit from this single game alone. They start off with around 50 euros and then end up with over 300.

The trick to Mega Joker is that you can get a jackpot quite easily. Do not only bet $1 or 1 euro because this is slow in making profit. Instead place a minimum bet of around $10 or 10 euros. This amount is so much more and can increase your profits exponentially.

Mega Joker offers a jackpot that only needs one symbol to hit. All you need is a symbol known as the Mega Joker mystery. If this shows up, you can get a random prize. The random prize is around $100 up to $200. And then the balance will be reset to $0 again. 

Tips to Play Mega Joker

Bettors with stable daily targets will make much more money on the Mega Joker online slot site. Maybe you don’t think that daily goals are important. In simple terms, the daily target is the amount of balance you want to get on that day. 

Do not change the target because the daily target must be at a nominal that is always stable. We recommend friends to set a daily target of 10% of your total balance. With daily targets like this, bettors will not hesitate or be able to play in a clear direction.

The purpose of the daily target is to prevent you from betting carelessly. Many bettors go too far or lose their balance because they don’t know when to stop and don’t have a target. So that this does not happen to you, we have issued a strategy like this. 

You don’t need to bet a lot in just one day. Interpret the bet so that it lasts a few days. An example is like one week, you want to interpret the target balance which is 2 times. Things like this can be done when you come to the online slot site. 

Happy playing and hopefully the article can be useful when you play on the online slot machines.


Mega Joker is a must try game. Our review today is objective and based off of player’s experiences. Many have tried and some have managed to get jackpots. Maybe you might get lucky and get a jackpot for yourself too. Feel free to try Mega Joker today and let us know how your experience is playing in this online slot.


Sometimes players may have a question or two that is still unclear. We are going to help you by understanding all about online slot today. Read some of the most frequent questions being asked down below.

Can RTP in Mega Joker Change?

Return to play rates usually do not change at all. The RTP or return to player rate is always fixed and has been sent from the beginning. There may be some software changes here or there but you can typically enjoy this game for almost forever.

The 99% RTP will be permanently applied to this specific game. So you don’t have to worry at all about this percentage changing.

Is Mega Joker Profitable?

Whether or not the slot game is profitable depends on how lucky you are. To be honest each slot game is designed so that the house will always win. The softer itself will always favor and give higher chances for the house to win. 

However the 99% RTP significantly increases your chance of winning. Any player who wants to gamble can get better chances with higher RTP. The answer to this question is yes and no. If you play long enough then you might make a bit of profit. 

But keep in mind that this slot game is only profitable if you have only spent some time on it. if some cases you have made some profit within your first 10 spins then you can stop and take a break. 

Try other types of slot games and don’t spend all of your money on one slot game. This is the best way to profit off of online slot games.

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