Magic Portals Slot Review + All you Need to Know!

Through this Magic Portals Slot review, we will help all you need to know about this high RTP slot game. If you’re interested, keep reading.

Magic Portals Slot Review

Magic Portals Slot Review

Who doesn’t like online slot gambling games? Magic Portals is a slot game is suitable to be played from millennials to adults. Playing online slot gambling also no longer needs to be done secretly or hidden. 

We will present one of the most recommended games and has been in the slot gambling world for the past 5 years. Magic Portals has become the most popular and most sought after game. If you have ever played slot gambling, then you will be very satisfied with this one game. 

Magic Portals can be download that you can look up for on the Google Play Store. On the other hand, this game can also be found on online gambling sites. We will thoroughly discuss everything about Magic Portals in order to give you all an overview of this game.

What is Magic Portals Slots?

Playing in real themed slot games are boring and often times does not produce much money. Magic Portals is a fiction based video slot that has wizardry themes. The game is very fun to play because you are going to get many fantastic fast paced animations. 

The RTP of this game is set at 98.5% and it is considered as high. Magic Portals slot game is released in 2016 and has been a featured slot in many online casinos. It even has a mobile version so you can access this game from your phone or from anywhere else.

Themes and Animation of Magic Portals Slot

Magic Portals is created by Net Entertainment software provider. So it is no surprise that they provide such amazing video animation and graphics. You can expects lots of magical and wizard related animation. 

There will be fire and ice that shows up out of nowhere every time you hit a good combination. Players can play on any device and it still shows good animation. Anyone who plays in their hand phones may need to expect a bit of lag. Because the animation takes up a bit of your device’s memory. 

Payouts and Profit from Magic Portals

Magic Portals offers many ways to get free spins. The game may not be suitable if you are looking for big profits at a short amount of time. This game is filled with trial and error because you will frequently hit free spins and this can stack up to hundreds of times. 

The system that is within the game is known as the Wilds and Free spins. Through this feature, players are going to see equal symbols that are designed as portals. 

That is why the name of the game is called Magic Portals. There will be 5 reels that will give you the payouts later on. There are two sides of the wheels. 

You can spin and get many bonuses or you can get free spins. This game is not suitable for anyone who wants to win big money. The profit making is very slow. The software is created to ensure a slow game with slow rewards. 

Hence allowing you to stay for a longer period of time. That is why they use the progressive jackpot system in Magic Portals slots.

Betting Amount in Magic Portals

Magic Portals is designed to be a very affordable game for everyone. There is a minimum bet as low as 25 cents only. And then you can increase your bet gradually with an increment of 25 cents. 

The maximum amount of bet that you can place in this game is around 250 dollars. The highest payout can reach up to thousands of dollars. Just with a 25 cents, you can get a whopping amount of $50 if you are lucky enough. 

The wins can be surprising but they may not come instantly. Do not expect quick money when playing this game because you will only end up being disappointed. 

Enjoy the animations and the money will come slowly. This concept is unique and enjoyable as an online video slot.

In game Bonuses from Magic Portals

Magic Portals has plenty of free spins and magical bonuses. First of all, let us talk about the wild transformation bonus. This bonus gives players the capability to get up to 10 times the reward. The bonus is only accessible when you hit the matching symbols. 

Besides that there are also other types of bonuses such as Magic Portals free spins. Free spins are awarded to players every time you get one or two symbols in the 15 pay line. 

There is only a total of 15 pay line in this slot game. Hence the chances of getting free spins are actually still high. 

Transactions at Magic Portals Slots Online

Players are given many choices in making deposits. To deposit or top up your balance, you can use methods such as credit cards, debit cards, crypto, Paypal, Skrill, and others. 

This makes Magic Portals slots online very unique because it can provide all these features that make it easier for players to transact.

Magic Portals also provides an alternative for players who want to withdraw. One thing that must be known is that online slot gambling lovers can withdraw money quickly. Transactions in the Magic Portals slots online game are also very proactive. 

Because, in one minute there are hundreds to thousands of transactions. This proves that players will be given money and this has been guaranteed by the online gambling site Magic Portals slots.

Tips to Play in Magic Portal Slots

Keeping Your Balance Enough

Any online slot gambling game or online gambling definitely requires a balance to play. As a player, you must be able to maintain a good balance. Keeping means you have to keep an eye on how many balances come in and also how much balances go out. 

Don’t let your balance run out instantly when you want to play online slot gambling. So before you can maximize profits, you must also know how to avoid losses. 

One of them is playing without looking at the balance. Seeing your balance and keeping track of how much you have in balance is very important when you want to play online slot gambling.

We recommend that you make a large deposit right away. This will be more profitable because you get additional balance from the bonus. This makes the players have more balance and can help you play online slot gambling later.

Play Patiently

Online slot games may not produce a lot of money at first. Magic Portals is a game designed for slow progress. Betting huge all the time will just make you lose money. Instead try small increments and bet with slow amounts. 

After that you can increase your bets if you feel confident. Playing patiently is key to winning big in Magic Portals. All you need to do is have a fixed amount of money and bet without changing too drastically.

It is okay to face a loss or two. Facing losses is very normal when playing online slots. The more loss you face also increases the chance for you to profit in the next round. There is no such thing as losing all the time. It is only a matter of time before you make profit again.

Try to Hit Jackpot Combinations

Jackpot is the best pattern among all patterns in slot gambling games. As a player, you must be able to get the jackpot so that the money will be multiplied as much as possible. Just one jackpot, you can get your capital back tens of times or even hundreds of times. 

Players can continue to benefit when they can achieve the best pattern. But sometimes online gambling sites make this very difficult for customers to get. That doesn’t mean you can’t hit the jackpot. You can still hit the jackpot and do your research first. 

There are already many players who may have more experience than you. You as a player can use this information to find out which slot machines to avoid and which ones to try.


The Magic Portals game is arguably interesting and also has unique features. Features such as achievements, bonuses, unique slots themes, and daily missions attract players to try this game. 

Magic Portals is the perfect game to practice your skills. You don’t have to spend much money and the developer will provide you with plenty of free spins. All of these bonuses must be utilized to the best way possible in order to maximize profits.

Magic Portals also has a high RTP which will reward players after a long period of time. Play this game with a minimum time of around 1 to 2 hours. You may surely profit then.

Magic Portals Games only focus on games to be played with fun. That’s why you can play endlessly and enjoy when you register at Magic Portals. That’s all from today’s review and we hope you can give this game a try. Our team highly recommends Magic Portals and see you in the next review.

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