Lucky City Slots Review + Highest RTP Online Slot

Lucky City slots is a game worthy to be tried and discussed today. Today we are going to provide to you a comprehensive Lucky City Slots Review. 

Lucky City slots is known to be a fast paced slot game. This game only has a total of three wheels. Hence making it one of the most simple online slot games out there. Lucky City slots will seem like you’re ordinary online slot game. 

The game is perfect for any casual players who do not want any complicated animations. You can expect basic symbols and small combinations. 

Lucky City Slots Review

Lucky City Slots Review
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First of all players will be given a full guide on what symbols can be produced. Each symbol has a higher value in comparison to normal type stuff slot games.

Reels and Payout System

Lucky City slots is only made up of three wheels in total. Which means that each has been can be very profitable or you can lose your money almost immediately. Players who play and enjoy this a lot usually goes for the highest RTP. 

The RTP in this online slot is quite high we just sat around a whopping 98%. RTP is important because players will rely on this number as a vital information. We rank and put this slot game on our top 10 highest RTP slot because it is proven to do so. 

Bonuses to Expect From Lucky City

City online slots offer lots of bonuses up for grab. Anyone can take these bonuses for free if you know the terms and conditions. Each bonus will have its terms and conditions. 

There are two main types of bonuses that you can get. We’re going to talk more about them down below. Usually there is a minimum deposit or a minimum usage before you can get a bonus. On top of that you must also reach a certain amount of money before you can withdraw it.

Welcome Bonus for First Deposits

Lucky City slots provide players with a huge amount of initial bonus. Initial bonus are well components is something that is given to you in the first hours. You can get $50 in free money just by doing a deposit. Usually the minimum deposit is around $50 or $100. 

After that you can use the money to play online slots but you cannot withdraw it directly. You need to play until you get in a certain amount of percentage back and then you can withdraw. This is a great way to play slots for free.

Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses are an amazing way to get easy money. Players are always scared to lose and this is a way to actually fix that. Every time a player wants to bet and gamble you will be given the chance to get a certain amount of percentage back. 

Cash back is around 10% up to 20%. Which means that if you place a bet of $100 you’re going to get 20% back. Cashback bonuses are not limited to one time use only. You can use cash backs repetitively.

Cashback must be utilized in the best way possible. You can try to get a small bit of cashback in order to play more online slots. Sometimes Lucky City Slots will have events. Try to seek these events.

Jackpot System in Lucky City Slots

All slot games have what is known as a jackpot. The jackpot percentage is quite high because the RTP itself is very high. Anyone who plays in gambles will get a huge chance to win lots of money. The jackpot is the highest combination that you can get in this game. 

Usually the cash out amount is around $2,500 for a single dollar bet. The more money you place into a slot machine then the bigger the outcome will be.

Jackpot is known to be the highest combination. In this game, the jackpot is very easy to get because there is only 3 reels. The percentage of jackpot is around 30 up to 40%. You just need to try to get this jackpot, which may take some time and effort.

Disadvantages of Lucky City Slots

Lucky City slot may have a bit of disadvantage. The game is only a 3 reel slots. Players may get bored a bit quicker in this game. 3 reel slots means that the total combination is only around 90 combinations in total. 

This is not much because most of the combinations are low payouts. And the only high payout is when you get a 7 7 7 symbol or similar high symbols. You could stick to only one type of online slots if you want to make money. But be noted that you could not get much combinations and symbols in this game.

The other drawbacks of this slot game is that the deposit or withdrawal time tends to be long. The deposit itself can take a lot of time, but this is different for withdrawals. Withdrawing at Lucky City slots takes longer because there are thousands of customers who are actively transacting at once. 

The Lucky City slots online server also has difficulty accommodating many players who make transactions at once. If you want to make a withdrawal, then find the right time to do it.

In addition, Lucky City slots are also a bit heavy on your laptop or phone. The players who play must download this app or play online. To play with the maximum experience, players must set up a stable internet.

Lucky City Slots Online Bonuses

Slot gambling games will not be complete without a bonus. The bonus serves as an additional balance for the players. There are many types of bonuses that can be received starting from the deposit bonus. 

The deposit bonus from Lucky City Slots is only 20% and this is relatively less when compared to other websites. Other developers usually provide larger deposit bonuses.

Lucky City Slots continues to strive to provide additional bonuses through slot games. Every time a player wins in slot gambling, you will be given a bonus commission of 5%. This commission applies to active Lucky City Slots players.

Demo Spin Feature in Lucky City Slots

One of the best feature that you need to consider every time you want to play is demo spin. Demo spin is a part of the experience that you can get. Every time a player gambles, you can actually switch to demo spin. 

Demo spin uses an infinite amount of spins without wasting a single penny. You are using the virtual currency that is not real at all for practice. 

Players usually try to use demo spins a couple of times before hitting the actual online slot game. Lucky City slots helps players by giving them a free tester every single time before playing.

Achievement System in Lucky City Slots

Lucky City slots gives active achievements to all of their active players. You can play for example once everyday for only 5-10 minutes. There will be a login system provided by the Lucky City slot game. Anyone who is active in playing their online slot game will receive achievements. 

These kinds of achievements can be collected and then be converted into free spins. There are several other types of achievements that you can get.

Some of the other daily bonuses or achievement is such as reaching a minimum amount of daily spin. There is a certain target everyday. Reach this and you will be given the appropriate reward.

That’s all from today’s slot gambling review. We hope this review can help you in your search for the best games. Look for a game with a high win rate and see you in the next review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Players who are seeking for a fun game will always have some questions regarding the game. Let us look at some of the questions and seek the answers for it. 

Is High RTP Slot Game Profitable?

One common questions that players always ask is if slot games are profitable. The answer to this question is yes but only for certain types of slot games. Most online slot games are very hard to win and make money out of. 

Anything with an RTP that is lower than 95% is an automatic lose. You are going to lose money when you play in these types of slot games. That is why we only recommend you games that are most likely already guaranteed to produce a huge amount of money. 

Games may be profitable most of the time. Luck is also an important factor to consider when playing online slots.

Is Lucky City Slot a Real Money Slot?

There are differences between real money slot games and normal slot games. Real money slot games is where players can make real money by betting real money. 

This is the type of game that Lucky City slot is. Players can potentially make a huge profit if they are able to get the right kinds of combinations.

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