Blood Suckers Slot Review + Popular Slot With High RTP!

Looking for a slot game with a more realistic look? This game offered by Netent could be the best recommendation for you to try! Of course our Blood Suckers Slot review will help you play better. This gambling game is on our list of the highest RTP slots.

Blood Suckers Slot Review

Blood Suckers Slot Review

Blood Suckers game offers more than just a 3D slot machines that you can play. However, you must understand some of the small details regarding this game before trying it.

Blood Suckers is an online slot that is developed by Net Entertainment and has been around for over 5 years. The game is very popular due to its catchy name. People will usually try this online slot and get addicted to it in a short period of time. 

Blood Suckers is the perfect game for beginners who do not want to go too crazy. Because this game will offer dozens of ways for you to make extra cash. Such as through the bonuses and even daily missions.

Blood Suckers Graphics and Animations

Blood Suckers is an amazing game if you’re looking for active animations. In this specific game you’re going to be given a vampire themed online slot game. This game is perfect for anyone that is looking for something new and out of the ordinary. 

Blood suckers is fun because the symbols related to it is also unique. The graphic and animations in itself is spot on and this presents a high quality from net entertainment. You can see that there will be new kinds of animations for each kind of combinations that pops out.

User Interface of Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is also a very easy game to understand. Anyone who wants to try Blood Suckers for the first time will immediately understand how to play and spin the wheel. User interface is very important because you need to know what to click and what each button is doing. 

In Blood Suckers, you will be given a full tutorial and guide. The buttons are simple because you can easily adjust your bad thing amount and add more money. You could also reduce the amount of money that you can bet. 

The game will also show all of the money that you have made and not have cashed out yet. This specific feature is very important because you are enjoying a progressive jackpot slot. We will discuss more about this soon.

Blood Suckers Minimum Payout 

The minimum bet amount of this game is set at 5 cents. You can add more bets and reach up to a maximum points of around 50 dollars. The game may seem like it is such a low betting game. But do not worry because Blood Suckers actually give their players a good deal. 

Players are expected to play this game for several hours and then start reaping the profits that they expect. The minimum payout after an hour of gaming can reach up to 2 to 5 times. And this is only the minimum payout that we are talking about. 

The maximum payout for these types of games could even be so much more. Any lucky player can easily make around 10 times up to 100 times the original amount.

Auto Spin Feature in Blood Suckers

Malta online slot game is filled with wonderful features. Players do not have to actually click a button anymore. Every time you want to play this game you can simply choose the betting amount. The betting amount can be adjusted for each time you want to spend. 

But let’s say that you want a fixed amount of bet during a short period of time. You can set the settings up to 10 spins in total. So after clicking a button then the slot machine will automatically spin for you. It will always follow the settings that has been set and you can cancel it at any time. 

This feature has proven to be useful because players who are lazy can now make money without even doing anything. Just watch the amount of money that you are making or betting. You can adjust it later on after you have made some profit or do a stop loss.

Blood Suckers Jackpot System

Each game has its own ways to make extra amount of cash. Blood Suckers have a 5 reel slot jackpot system. The percentage or chances to get jackpot is much lower due to the amount of reels. More reel equals to lesser chances of hitting a jackpot.

The jackpot is exciting because you can see new symbols. The symbols that is expected to hit are such as faces of Dracula, vampires, garlic, and so much more. These symbols are specifically designed to be suitable to the Blood Suckers theme. 

Usually vampires are always identical with blood sucking and so are some other symbols. The symbols is unique and may take a bit of time to adjust to. But no worries because the tutorial will give you plenty of information. Hence you will not have to be scared every time you want to play this slot.

Free Coins and Credit in Blood Suckers Slot

In addition, just like the previous slot games we have discussed, Blood Suckers is a worth it game to try. also offers its users a daily and even hourly free coin bonus. Blood Suckers loves to give their players plenty amounts of ways to make money. 

Of course you can make money off of playing the usual online slots. But besides that, you can potentially get many free coins just by being active each hour. 

Not only that, you can also complete the daily and weekly challenges that have been provided to win coins. Do not forget to do daily missions as this is a great way to make bonuses. 

Anyone who completes the random daily mission will get around 5 to 10 spins. Usually the mission will ask you to do a minimum bet or spin a certain amount of times.

Missions are a great way to keep the players engaged. Developers of online Blood Suckers designed this feature to be updated every day. So you will be given coins and experience to rise in the previous leader board. 

This mission can be done and you are given additional balance if you successfully complete the mission. Missions are also progressive for active players. The more time you spend playing online slot gambling, the more money you can get.

Blood Suckers Games Win Rate

The win rate of this game itself is quite high. Although this game is counted as one of the popular games, players still have a high chance of winning. Each slot game is varied. However, the lowest win rate among all slot gambling games is 97.85%. 

This is already quite high and some games can even touch up to 98% win rate. Players are guaranteed not to be bored because they can receive interesting patterns. 

Surely there will be some events where you will face defeat. That’s okay, because there are other games with higher win rates.

Leader Board System and Daily Missions

Game play from Blood Suckers online is also equipped with a leader board feature. The leader board is a measure and also a ranking for slot gambling lovers. The more you win, the more your name will appear at the top. 

Climbing the leader board and becoming the best slot player is also a challenge. So if you really want to play and be in the top position, then you have to play hard. This is an attractive attribute of playing at Blood Suckers.

Additional Features and Progressive Jackpot

Blood Suckers slot provides players with additional features that should not be forgotten. In slot gambling games, you will definitely feel bored or uncomfortable with repetitive games. But in this game, players are given the opportunity to get the jackpot. 

Progressive jackpot is something that always increases every second. This money is called the grand prize and can be won by online slot gambling lovers. Anyone can be lucky in playing slot gambling. 

To increase the chance of winning the progressive jackpot, then you must be able to try and play actively. Lucky players will be awarded more than millions of coins in one spin only

Daily spin is also an important part that we have to cover. Daily spin is a wheel that you can spin. This wheel is divided into more than 5 sections. You can get a specific type of symbol to get free spins

Each section offers attractive prizes that can be received by the players. If you are lucky, then you will be given the prize. Daily spins are given every day for 24 hours.You can actively play in this game with a live updated leader board. 


Blood Suckers is a worthy to try game. It is cheap and affordable perfect for all new slot players. If you are still confused what game to try then give this one a shot. Look at some of the tips we have given to you such as using bonuses and daily spins to gain more profit.

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