Aureus Slot Review: RTP 96%, Crazy Tooth Studio

In this following Aureus slot review, you will discover how it works. Crazy Tooth Studio created this game, a really odd slot machine. 

It’s a Microgaming exclusive, and it’ll almost always be featured as one of their games. Jupiter, the Roman version of the much more well-known Zeus, is the game’s presiding deity and a permanent presence near the game area.

Best Aureus Slot Review

The Coinverge mechanism is used in the Aureus slot, which has 7×5 reels and requires you to land brackets around coins in order to collect them. 

It doesn’t have the normal lines, but it’s predicted to have a 96% RTP in the long run, as well as acceptable payouts of up to 2,000 times the stake.

1. Bet and Prizes

Even though this slot machine doesn’t seem like any other, wager selection operates the same way it does in every other slot machine. The smallest stake is $0.20, while the maximum amount is $80.

There are enough Aureus awards available, up to 2,000x the wager, so you could transform the maximum bet into a $160,000 payment. The RTP is 96%, which is the standard you’d expect from any current release.

2. Game Features

In order to gather the symbols located within, the Coinverge mechanism relies on coins landing on the reels and brackets appearing on both sides of a region. 

Aureus Slot Review

It doesn’t matter if the coins match; all that matters is that there are brackets of the same type on both sides of the rectangle, allowing you to gather the coins displayed. Brackets are displayed on 4 of the 7 reels, while coins are displayed on 3 reels and can be collected for rewards.

On reels 1, 3 and 5, one High Opening Bracket will be accessible, while reels 3, 5 and 7 will have one High Closing Bracket. These are the ones that are red and have a size that allows you to select one row.

Two rows of symbols will be included in two high opening brackets. They land on the same reels as the previous one, along with the two High Closing Brackets.

3 High Opening Brackets work in the same way, but they can now hold three rows of coins.

You will be able to gather coins of different denominations, and there will be:

  • High Credit coins can be found on the second, fourth, and sixth reels.
  • On reels 2, 4, and 6, you’ll find Medium Credit Coins.
  • On reels 2, 4, and 6, there are Low Credit Coins.
  • Coins with a 2x multiplier (increases prizes in the collection area by 2x).
  • Coins with a 3x multiplier
  • Coins with a 4x multiplier
  • Coins with a 5x multiplier
  • Coins Upgrade (changes low-medium symbols into high coins).
  • Collect the coins from the columns.
  • Gather all of the coins (all coins visible at the time will be paid).
  • With Respin Coins, you can get 2, 3, or 5 respins.

3. Design and Theme

On one side, the Jupiter temple is depicted. Jupiter will be in the center, with the peculiar gaming area with its seven reels on the right. 

There are brackets and a variety of coins that will come there, but the general design of this one did not excite me. The quality is poor, and the symbols with all those coins are boring to look at.

Final Words

To conclude this Aureus slot review, it is uncommon, which is a plus, and it may get some attention as a result. But it’s not a really enjoyable slot, and quirkiness can only get you so far. You can find another games at daftar game slot online site.

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